The public has asked for their opinion on the planning process – Mansfield District Council

Are you interested in developing a guidance document for developers on issues such as healthcare and promoting biodiversity and other environmental benefits?

If so, Mansfield District Council is holding a six-week public consultation from January 31 to March 14 to give everyone a chance to share their views.

The town planning policy team is in the process of producing a Document d’Aménagement Supplementaire aux Obligations d’Aménagement (DOCUP).

This, together with other planning SPDs and the local plan, will provide developers with guidance on the types of planning obligations – also known as developer contributions – which may be requested by the council or by other agencies such as county council or local clinical commissioning group. .

This includes obligations on issues such as the provision of open spaces, sports grounds and additional general medical assignments and operations.

It also specifies how any financial obligations will be calculated. Usually, these bonds are triggered when the development includes 10 or more dwellings or if the site is 0.5 hectares or more.

The draft document can be consulted and downloaded online (link opens in a new window) and people can participate in the consultation by filling in the questionnaires online or on paper.

Hard copies of the SPD can also be viewed at the Civic Center or district libraries.

Cllr Stuart Richardson, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and Growth, said: “The council is committed to delivering sustainable communities that are safe, healthy and inclusive.

“To achieve this, we expect new developments to directly provide or contribute to the provision of necessary infrastructure and affordable housing to mitigate the impact of these developments.

“We want to be fair to everyone and by promoting a consistent and transparent approach to likely liabilities, developers and landowners will be able to assess the potential costs and viability of a development project at the earliest stage. This should help make the planning process faster and more efficient.

“Meanwhile, local residents can understand how a development project will be laid out with minimal impact on the environment, society and infrastructure.

“National planning rules are often adapted, so this guidance will be subject to constant review to ensure it remains relevant and fit for purpose.”

Developers, architects and anyone submitting planning applications are also invited to give their opinion on the council’s new local approval list for planning applications. The document defines the information that must be submitted with development applications.

The updated list takes into account policy changes and new requirements for planning applications to be submitted in the district, in accordance with the new local plan. This includes information required for council climate change planning policies, such as the requirement to submit a Renewable Energy Statement for major applications.

Find out how to express yourself on the consultation site (link opens in a new window).

Both consultations end at 5:00 p.m. on March 14, 2022.

To learn more about the council’s planning policy, visit the council’s website (link opens in a new window).

Louisa R. Loomis