The City launches a comprehensive planning process

Public participation is key to creating a vision for the future of Bellevue

Recent census data shows that King County is one of the fastest growing places in the country, with a population growth of nearly 2 million people expected by 2050. The city is beginning the process of upgrading update of the overall plan, its main tool for coping with the expected growth.

Planners predict the addition of 35,000 homes and 70,000 jobs in Bellevue by 2044. The overall plan outlines a strategy for the future and how to get there over the next 20 years. Last updated in 2015, the plan outlines planning policies to guide the city and provides a structure for city departments and the community to work together to achieve common goals.

Comprehensive plans are a requirement of the state Growth Management Act. The law creates a framework for cities to plan thoughtfully and ensure that growth is directed to places that have the capacity and infrastructure to support it. This way, cities can reduce sprawl, encourage an efficient transportation system, create affordable housing, and protect the environment.

Bellevue’s comprehensive plan considers the needs of current and future residents, business owners and employers, workers and visitors. Other city plans, such as the environmental stewardship plan, parks plan, or transit master plan, must align with the overall plan.

Public participation is an essential part of updating the plan. The city offers many opportunities for engagement and involvement. The entire process will span two years with a variety of opportunities for participation, including:

  • Join Engaging Bellevue – Learn about the overall plan, ask questions and share thoughts.
  • Take the vision quiz – Residents should monitor the mailing of a questionnaire to every household in the city. Responses to the questionnaire can also be submitted online.
  • Take part in a vision workshop – the city will host a community event to talk about Bellevue’s vision for the future on Tuesday, March 22. Sign up.

More information is available on the Full Plan page.

Louisa R. Loomis