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Budget planning for the Regional District of Strathcona could be streamlined next year after a director called for an additional opportunity to be added to make a “meaningful and substantial contribution” once assessment data becomes available.

Cortes Island manager Noba Anderson presented the notice of motion at the April 13 board meeting. In the past two budget cycles, Anderson has asked to be able to make a more substantial contribution to the budget. She voted against the 2021 financial plan, saying at the time that “there is simply no way I will have the information I need. In previous years I was really proud to have reviewed the details many times and spoken with the staff, but I just have nothing to work with here.

The motion would include “at least one opportunity for the Board to make a meaningful and substantial contribution to the budget once tax assessment data is available…and before staff deem it too late in the process for a such contribution”.

Tax data is available in January of each year. The SRD budget should be ready by March 31.

Zone D manager Brenda Leigh questioned the need for the motion, saying she thought the process had gone “very well” this year and that she felt sufficiently consulted for Zone D .

“We have very little time after the new year to squeeze new numbers into our budgets,” she said. “Admins need to be quicker to get their contributions in as quickly as possible.”

Quadra Island manager Jim Abram agreed that this year’s process went well, but he acknowledged that managers had asked to do things differently.

“I don’t think it’s a very big deal,” Abram said. “We’ll still have plenty of time…it would be a positive addition to the budget process.”

Regional District staff will follow the direction and use it as they plan the draft budget schedule. The schedule will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval at a future meeting.

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