Southern Coos Health District Begins Strategic Planning Process | Local News

Strategic planning for Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center is underway.

An energetic and engaged working session was held on April 22 at the Bandon Public Library with the Southern Coos Health District Board of Directors, the hospital’s new CEO, Raymond Hino, members of the administration of hospital, medical staff and key community stakeholders.

Participants worked with a professional facilitator who led the group through the strategic planning process and identified the strengths and weaknesses of Southern Coos Hospital as an organization and the Bandon community as a whole in this regard. regarding health care needs.

Community members who were present in the planning process included Linda Maxon, CEO of the Coast Community Health Center, Joseph Bain, owner of Bain Insurance Co., and Margaret Pounder, executive director of the Bandon Chamber of Commerce, all well-known and key influencers. in the south coast region.

Participants agreed that collaboration between local and regional healthcare providers in the future is a key goal, with the aim of keeping business as local as possible and recruiting and retaining providers.

The group considered ideas and strategies to continue moving the hospital forward in terms of quality, service and profitability, and to ensure that Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center is the hospital and employer of choices in the Southern Coos Health District and beyond.

“I was very pleased with the strategic planning process, led by our facilitator, and the energy each participant brought to the table,” CEO Hino said. “We as a group have recognized that Southern Coos Hospital has lost some of the community’s trust over the past few years. But we were unanimous in our agreement that with new leadership it is extremely important to regain that trust.

“Our commitment is to make Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center the hospital of choice for residents, guests, medical professionals and healthcare workers in Bandon and Southern Coos County.”

“I’m very proud of the fact that this is a plan that has responsibilities by name of each person leading an initiative and deadlines and milestones, so that we can track progress, until that we’re done,” Hino added.

The next steps in strategic planning will involve the hospital leadership team working with hospital and clinic managers to produce a timeline with measurable goals and outcomes, details of which will be shared with the public in due course. .

Louisa R. Loomis