Shedding light on the planning process at a seminar for borough and parish councils

Last week, our planning team, led by Cllr Tom Hunt, Senior Development Management Advisor, hosted a webinar with parish councils to help them understand how planning development is managed in our borough. This is part of our ongoing work to improve openness and transparency and work closely with our partners and agencies.

Following suggestions from parish councils, the session covered many areas of development planning, monitoring and implementation. This included how the Section 106 planning application, processes and funding work.

Advisor Tom Hunt, Lead Cllr for Development Management, said: “The webinar was a great opportunity to discuss many high priority development and planning areas for residents. Officers explained processes, shared challenges and frustrations and answered questions from parish councilors.By sharing the nuances of the planning process, we hope it will be easier for parish councils to support residents.

“As in the rest of the country, we have been receiving a higher number of requests since mid-2020. The increased demand has been accompanied by delays and we have not been able to provide our usual level of service. last year, we temporarily suspended our pre-application service to help us meet demand, and while we are still working through the backlog of applications, we are back on track.

Ian Symes, chairman of Effingham Parish Council, added: “It was a very successful meeting. I would certainly vote for these meetings to be held regularly as it gives parish councils a forum to speak directly to officers and members.”

Published on: January 14, 2022

Louisa R. Loomis