QHC relaunches the strategic planning process

In front of the main entrance of Belleville General Hospital. (Photo: David Foot / Quinte News)

After a three-month hiatus to allow senior management at Quinte Health Care to deal with the surge of Omicron, the strategic planning process is back on track.

QHC board members met virtually on Tuesday afternoon and Gary Hannaford provided the board with an update on the status of the process after a break that began in mid-December.

“It required some changes in our timing,” Hannaford told the board. “We’re going to lengthen the process a bit and are now looking at a September launch.”

He said the strategic plan will seek to address issues such as staff shortages, patient numbers and other key elements.

“…what should our five-year goals be and refresh the QHC brand to ensure it is consistent with the upcoming strategic plan.”

QHC President and CEO Stacey Daub said there was a lot of hope and optimism in the process, but there was critical work ahead of them to put everything in place.

“I’m excited about this and I think the fall is the right time because it gives us the opportunity to really do this well and take our time, engage people throughout the process and launch at a time when, we hope and we think, it will be after the summer and it is the right time.

Daub says 1,800 people participated in what she called the “pollination phase” and 125 people participated in the “hive sessions.”

Louisa R. Loomis