Plan for new bridge in Kilkenny enters next stage of planning process

A wide consultation process is set to begin soon on plans for a new pedestrian/cycle bridge for the city of Kilkenny after local councilors voted to send the project to Part 8 planning.

Part 8 planning is the method used by a county council to apply for planning permission.

The new bridge has been proposed to link Cootes Lane to the Ring Road.

The bridge is expected to help achieve the objectives and recommendations of the Kilkenny Local Transport Plan.

Another main purpose of the bridge is to allow for the creation of a cycle route between the eastern environs and the soon to be heavily developed Breagagh Valley.

Plans for the bridge envision a steel structure, using recycled plastic as decking boards.

Public lighting is also planned to allow the use of the bridge throughout the day and to improve safety.

The impact of the proposed new development on the site on the archaeological heritage has been assessed as low, with mitigation measures ready to be implemented if necessary.

At present an old ford of the Breagagh River still remains in the area. It once hosted the passage of horse-drawn carriages.

There was also a footbridge there until the 1940s.

Travel smarter

Kilkenny County Council has emphasized the priority of investing in cycling and other smarter travel schemes in a bid to support the ’10 minute city’ concept.

A town 10 minutes away seeks to have all community facilities and services accessible within a 10 minute walk or bike ride of homes.

Construction of the new bridge could begin as early as the end of 2022.

Louisa R. Loomis