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CHICAGO, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Open Links Golf recently announced the launch of its new user review and research website for US golf courses, affectionately known to users as The screener. The site aggregates data from over 4,500 courses in the United States and allows users to quickly and easily filter courses based on their preferences, such as location, price, rating, architect, and even size. weather report. In addition to over 30 data filters, users can also view courses on a map, view/submit course and experience ratings, save courses to a wishlist, and track courses played. The functionality is similar to widely used review and search websites for restaurants and local businesses, but for golf courses and golf travel in the United States. Access to The screener is free after creating an account here.

The site simplifies the laborious process of finding a new course or planning a golf trip, saving dozens of hours and providing new ideas on where to play next. It used to be that you had to visit multiple sources to gather travel ideas, but Open Links is a one-stop source for research and user reviews for courses in the United States. Open Links also offers a unique perspective on which clubs provide the best experience. The free service also provides access to a forum where users can connect with each other, as well as discounted Open Links products.

Create a free account today and start planning your next golf adventure. Follow Open Links on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

About open links: Open Links Golf is an out-of-Chicago based data and software company specializing in the aggregation of golf course data and analytics in the United States. Open Links founder, Paul Storie, has over 10 years of experience in the data and software industry and is an avid golfer. Learn more about open links here.

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