meetNKY launches destination assessment and strategic planning process as recovery continues in region

As Northern Kentucky’s tourism industry continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, NKY’s tri-county destination marketing organization, meetNKY, is launching a destination assessment and planning process strategic to maintain the destination’s growth as the recovery continues in the region. .

A new RFP is issued by meetNKY for a vendor to complete the destination’s strategic plan with a focus on development and community branding needs in the region.

“Northern Kentucky continues to be one of the most unique metropolitan destinations in the Commonwealth of Kentucky,” said Julie Kirkpatrick, president and CEO of meetNKY.

“Even as the destination continues to recover from the pandemic and economic fallout, our organization has taken the opportunity to shift to a growth or ‘what’s next’ mindset.”

Tourism is a leading industry in Northern Kentucky, accounting for nearly $2 billion in spending and nearly 14,000 jobs in the tri-county metropolitan area. It is also an important part of the Cincy area.

The economic impact figures reflect 2019 spending and the organization is focused on returning the destination to those records and eclipsing the records by 2023.

Julie Kirkpatrick

“We know that Northern Kentucky has always had a strong impact from tourism in the area,” Kirkpatrick said. “We have refocused the organization over the past year not only on how we return to 2019 levels, but on how we are strategic to continue the growth trajectory, particularly in conjunction with the Northern Kentucky Chamber and the Northern Kentucky Tri-Ed. We are building a world-class place to visit, work, live and thrive.

“We don’t just want to bring Northern Kentucky back to the strong results of 2019,” said meetNKY Board Chairman Josh Quinn of Boone County Distilling. “We want to set up this area for better and bigger things in the future. We also want to make sure we are united in how the NKY experience stands out in the Commonwealth and the Cincinnati area.

The proposal process begins this month with the release of the Request for Proposals and continues with the selection of the best-suited company to accomplish the delivery of a strategic plan for the destination. There will be community and industry focused listening sessions and surveys to gather resident and business sentiment on the destination, as well as benchmarking with aspirational destinations.

The final strategic report and destination plan will be released to the public and industry in Q2 2022.

For more information on the process or questions, please contact [email protected]

Louisa R. Loomis