Mandeep Kaur urges officers to make planning process at Panchayat level more comprehensive and holistic

JAMMU, MAY 6 (KNS): With a focus on strengthening the institutions of Zila Parishad, the Secretary-Commissioner for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Mandeep Kaur today instructed officers to return the planning process to the more comprehensive and holistic Panchayat level.

Addressing a meeting held with the ADDCs and department heads of the department, Mandeep Kaur said their role has increased after the establishment of Panchayats in UT. “Now the ADDCs are designated as the CEO of the DDC Council. It should also be borne in mind that the DDCs are not only limited to the district levels, but their role extends to the bloc as well as the district level. panchayat,” she said. In addition, the ADDCs also monitor several department programs, she added.

She called on the ADDCs to broaden the horizons of the GPDP by achieving full convergence among all departments at the Panchayat level, adding that the plan should be comprehensive and based on a participatory process involving Gram Sabha to ensure better efficiency. It was also stated that the GPDP is the best platform to reflect development issues, perceived needs and priorities of the community including that of marginalized sections.

Moreover, Mandeep Kaur even outlined the department’s vision to the ADDC, pointing out that a good framework should be developed to ensure the development of Panchayats and decentralization of powers.

She added that for strengthening the institutions of the Panchayati Raj, a committee will be set up to fill the gaps in the Panchayati Raj law and bring more clarity in the public relations rules defining the roles and responsibility of the CEOs of the district development councils. To achieve this goal, institutions and structures of ADDCs in other states should also be reviewed, she added.

During the interaction, the ADDCs highlighted various issues, including the lack of staff. (KNS)

Louisa R. Loomis