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Looking at what they have accomplished in the past and where they are now, the Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority is holding strategic planning sessions to see where they are moving forward.

The meetings, which will be announced when details are finalized, will take place from next month.

“It’s something we have to do. It is a process; it’s been a while since we’ve done a real strategic planning process. We need to. It is important for everyone’s contribution. said Board Member Charles Hall.

“I can’t wait to start the process. Having a discussion about some things that I really think we probably need to go back and revisit some of what we’ve done in the past, where we are and where we see our future, Room added.

In her report to the board, Christine Weigle, executive director, said annual payments for this year are up somewhere statistically closer to where they were pre-COVID.

Weigle attributed the increase to changing the discount offered for payment at the beginning of the year from 3% to 5%.

“Customers probably saw the benefit of the 5% cashback and were able to make those payments. I think that was a great customer service outreach we did for this year,” Weigle said.

Under the action points, the board approved:

• A payment of $841.56 for a capital additions project for the Church Alley project.

• The purchase of a 2022 Ranger 4×4 truck at a cost of $35,100.

• Employee Handbook Tuition Reimbursement Policy.

After a brief discussion, the board approved Armstrong Sewer’s capital contribution of $65,000 for Armstrong’s share of the South Williamsport Charles Street Pumping Station Improvement Project, completed in 2011-2013.

Payment related to improvements to the Charles Street pumping station in the borough’s sewer system was not previously billed to LCWSA for Armstrong’s proportionate share of flow, according to Weigle.

“Given the time that has elapsed since the improvements were made, it was recommended that the final payment be approved to finalize the historical matter,” Weigle said.

The next regular meeting of the authority will be held on March 2 at 6 p.m. at 380 Old Cement Road, Montoursville.

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Louisa R. Loomis