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There are a bunch of new development projects in Detroit. This includes more bike lanes, streetlights and the Joe Louis Greenway – which will be 27.5 miles long and is intended to expand the city’s green spaces.

More than 40% of the Joe Louis Greenway will be located directly behind residents’ homes, according to the city’s director of development.

“By 2024, you will have completed a large part of it, and it will be a tremendous opportunity.” — Antoine Bryant, City of Detroit

Listen: how the city is creating more walkable infrastructure for residents.


Anthony Bryant is the Director of Planning and Development for the City of Detroit. The manager says Detroit aims to have the best greenway in the country.

“By 2024, you’ll be done with a lot of that, says Bryant, “and that’s going to be a tremendous opportunity. Many people may be familiar with the BeltLine in Atlanta, there is a Hight Line in New York – there are a number of such entities across the country – and we are looking for the JLG (Joe Louis Greenway) for to be the best of those still in the country.

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