Follow-Up: City of Ripon Begins Master Planning Process for Facilities and Parks | News


The City of Ripon has begun its master planning efforts for public works, as well as parks and recreation.

Those efforts had a taste last week, Thursday, when Ripon’s public works committee reviewed a request for proposals (RFP) for the city’s facilities master plan.

The city’s parks and recreation committee will also consider a request for proposals for a master plan on Wednesday.


The city budgeted for master planning efforts in its 2022 budget.

The purpose of the calls for tenders is to receive competitive proposals from consultants interested in carrying out a new master plan for public works and parks and recreation.


With respect to the Public Works Master Plan, the City hopes to address Ripon’s City Hall and Public Works facilities, with the goal of creating a vision for the future of these facilities.

“I believe the public works garage was built in 1957 and probably hasn’t been touched since; City Hall is, obviously, a bit newer and it’s been remodeled and added, but some areas are showing its age,” City Administrator Adam Sonntag said last Thursday. “The overall goal is to review these two elements and begin the process of identifying projects, priorities and possible replacement, [as well as] get an idea of ​​what it will cost.

As the City of Ripon’s facilities age and government operations change, the city would like to accommodate the maintenance needs and future replacement of major facilities.

According to the Public Works RFP, the facilities at City Hall and Public Works are nearing the end of their useful life.

“This has led to many discussions about the future of these facilities and how to invest strategically to meet long-term needs and goals,” the Public Works tender said. “A master plan document is desired to provide a realistic and rational model for maintenance and eventual replacement/remodeling of facilities.”

The city also wants the master planning process to consider the long-term needs of services currently housed in these facilities, such as police, emergency medical services, cable television, government and public works.

Meanwhile, the Parks and Recreation tender aims to create a master plan for Barlow Park, Selfridge Park, Horner Park, Ceresco Park and Eagle Park.

The city has seen an increase in demand for activities in the parks system, after experiencing “a period where the parks system was not prioritized for investment and updating,” according to the request from park proposals.

The goal of the park master plan is to invest in park space to update features, accommodate growth, and provide a variety of amenities, while taking into account the desires of local residents.

“The city also wants to provide connections between these parks with bike and pedestrian paths and trails,” the parks’ request for proposals said. “New master plans for these four locations are desired to be able to provide a realistic and rational model for their development, as well as to help prioritize various uses based on the availability of these amenities within the community.

And after?

Sonntag added that the master planning process allows the city to begin strategically planning for future upgrades.

“Right now all we do is play [these projects] year after year, instead of saying, “By 2025, we have to do it”. Or by 2035 we have to, he said last week on Thursday. “It defines a goal that we’re working toward rather than just kicking it down the road.”

The city still needs to hire consultants to complete its master plan, as well as develop a schedule for the projects.

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Louisa R. Loomis