Five finalists chosen for next Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning and Management The Badger Herald

University of Wisconsin announcement On Tuesday, the 17-person search and selection committee narrowed down five finalists for the associate vice chancellor of facilities planning and management.

Finalists will be evaluated on their leadership skills for this position and will be chosen in the coming weeks.

These five finalists will present the reasons why they should be nominated for the Tripp Commons position at the Memorial Union at various times from November 1 through November 10. Presentations will be open to everyone. according to a UW press release.

Finalists will summarize how their leadership styles and skills make them a good candidate for this position and mention how they plan to lead a large and diverse department at University.

The Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine, Mark Markel, chaired the search committee and was assisted by national research firm Spelman Johnson.

According to an emailed statement to the Badger Herald from human resources director Mark Walters, this is a high-profile position.

“This position is critical in leading and driving the facilities components for major campus strategic initiatives… Almost every critical initiative that our campus embarks on has this facilities component,” Walters said. “To ensure our campus facilities are satisfied now and in the future, a strong leader is needed in [this position].

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Walters said tThe search and screening committee reviews the application documents and conducts the first interviews. Based on the evaluation, the committee recommends who the finalists should be, and the finalists are interviewed in person by the search and selection committee with campus stakeholders.

The Vice Chancellor of Finance then finalizes the decision, according to Walters. Usually, individual stakeholder assessments are provided without a voting process.

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“The person hired in this role must be a strong leader, embrace and act on employee diversity and engagement, champion and display an inclusive management style, and have a broad knowledge of construction facilities and operations,” said Walters.

Nominees’ names and nomination materials will be shared 48 hours prior to their visit to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning and Management Finalists website. An online candidate feedback form will also be shared at a later date and presentation videos will be posted once all candidates have introduced themselves.

Louisa R. Loomis