Bensenville 2 Elementary District launches strategic planning process to determine direction for its schools

Bensenville Elementary District 2 is taking a proactive step to maintain its status as a leader in education by initiating a strategic planning process that will determine the direction of its schools.

District 2 is partnering with Hazard, Young, Attea and Associates (HYA) to lead the strategic planning process, which is designed to engage all District 2 stakeholders in developing a shared future vision for the district. .

Involving stakeholders from all corners of the community will result in a long-term framework for decision-making that builds on shared values ​​held by the community.

Completion of the process is scheduled for early spring of the 2021-22 school year.

“Effective student education requires community-wide engagement,” said District 2 co-acting co-superintendents Dr. Rebecca Nelson and Dr. Ray Lechner. “We are excited to initiate this inclusive strategic planning process that will help to create the future of our district and its schools. Our approach is a best practice in that it is research-based, which means decisions come from data rather than intuition.”

Dr. Christopher McCullough, Chairman of the District 2 Board of Trustees, said, “This plan will ensure the effective stewardship of resources as all ratepayers within the boundaries of District 2 will benefit from our strategic asset allocation to support the good. -being and student learning. »

Until mid-January, District 2 will be seeking input from the entire community on the future of the district.

School board members, parents, staff, students and community members who do not have children in the schools will have the opportunity to participate in interviews, focus groups and/or a online survey.

Information will be provided on opportunities to participate in the process.

All data collected through interviews, focus groups and the survey will be analyzed along with the district’s mission and vision statements and guiding principles. This analysis will determine the district’s results, goals and objectives, all of which will be presented to the school board and made public in a report on the strategic plan once the process is complete.

Louisa R. Loomis