Ballpark’s Proposed Location Moved Twice in Last Planning Cycle and Achieved ‘Anchor’ Status | professional sports

It would be the ballpark’s third location in this most recent planning cycle.

When VCU and the Flying Squirrels entered into a non-binding memorandum of understanding in 2016 to collaborate on the construction of a new baseball stadium near The Diamond, they agreed that VCU would take the lead in efforts to develop the envisioned stadium in the imprint of the VCU Athletics. Village on the east side of Hermitage Road, where Northam indicated he would go.

The first revelation that the new ballpark would not be built on the ABC site and in the VCU Athletics Village east of Hermitage Road came in June 2020. The Richmond 300 Plan, which outlines the city’s vision in terms of development and growth, included a baseball stadium on the diamond side (west side) of Hermitage Road, across from where VCU’s athletic facilities will be located.

Mark Olinger, director of the city’s planning and development review at the time, as well as head of the Richmond 300 initiative, acknowledged the joint understanding earlier in the year that the ballpark would occupy slot ABC. But Olinger, who stepped down in January 2021, noted at the Richmond 300 virtual summit on June 11, 2020, that the plan had been changed. The ballpark would be built on the west side of Hermitage Road.

He said trying to place the VCU Athletics Village and ballpark on the east side of Hermitage Road “became very difficult for the ballpark to fit … and to get all the other elements to work.”

Louisa R. Loomis