ARISE – a Bedrock healthcare communications strategic planning process

Bedrock Healthcare Communications MD Marie Little talks about the ARISE healthcare communications planning process and the clarity it brings to clients.

We believe that the most impactful medical education experiences begin with a clear understanding of what is compelling to the audience. What do they need to know that will make them think, feel and act differently?

At Bedrock, we believe that well-informed people make better decisions, and our role is to ensure that the communication solutions we provide are as impactful and relevant as possible. We develop these solutions using our strategic platform, ARISE. This allows us to work with customers to create a strategy that meets the aspirations they have for their products, programs and services to better serve their patients and customers. So much is changing in terms of how to reach and deliver value to healthcare professionals that what may have worked last year may not necessarily be the right approach now. This means that we question everything. ARISE is based on a simple philosophy: seek first to understand, then to be understood.

How does ARISE work and how could it help you? MD Marie Little of Bedrock talks about the process and what it brings to clients.

What is the goal behind ARISE?

As Marie explains, this is a very simple process and something so essential to our work that it is truly the “bedrock bedrock”. “ARISE is a great foundation for everything we do. It means Aspiration Rreality Iinspiration Sstrategy Exexecution. It is a framework to ensure that we have a thorough understanding before we begin to consider the direction we or our clients need to take. I like its simplicity, its impact and the clarity it brings.

Many planning processes can be quite formulaic. ARISE is about a broader way of thinking. Marie talks about what makes it different. “We develop a very good understanding of the client’s aspirations for their brand, for their therapeutic area, for their patients, for themselves, from the start. We also review client and patient aspirations to ensure their needs are met. Then we take a deep dive into their reality, so that we both know where they are starting from and where they want to go. When we get the full and honest picture, we look at what’s going to be compelling to the audience and cause that fundamental shift in thinking. What will achieve the aspiration, given the current reality? This distillation informs our inspiration. From there, we can develop a strategy based on measurable ideas and plans to make sure they get there. It doesn’t stop there; it’s an agile process – we monitor KPIs, we measure, we learn, we refine. It’s a continuous loop to ensure success, as reality and aspirations can change over time. Thanks to ARISE, we can have a broader vision and bring this experience to our customers. »

How does ARISE align with Bedrock values?

Our values ​​focus on free thinking, exceeding expectations, drive, growth and a passion for collaboration. “By embodying our values ​​in everything we do, we are able to delight our customers and create compelling HCP communications solutions.” Marie explains how we can do this better with ARISE. “This is how we can ensure that what we do for them is absolutely relevant, achieves objectives, enables them to think differently and allows them to be forward-looking in their communication plans and what their public needs.”

How to know more about ARISE?

We’re really excited about the clarity ARISE can bring to your healthcare communication. If you would like to know more, please contact me – [email protected]

Louisa R. Loomis